Founder of Candaire

Sonali Pandey

An Entrepreneur who loves sipping her perfect cup of Coffee

Brewing coffee has been one of my great stress buster

About me

To be at the stage where I am today, the journey has never been easy but it was always exciting

I faced lot of challenges while starting Candaire but at the end it worked out with great efforts and taking small steps at a time.

How Candaire got its name

Back in Pandemic 2020, many businesses shut down but it also gave rise to many businesses, there was a craze on Instagram and Pinterest for selling handmade Candles during pandemic 2020. Due to the ease of making Candles at home and they looked so aesthetic, I started working on Candle making business and decided the name Candlaire but when in year 2022, coffee hits as an idea as I was always fond of brewing Coffee at home since childhood and so I finally decided to go with it and when I was searching for name, without a second thought,

Candlaire converted to Candaire and that's how Candaire got its name

My Mission

This is so much more than a business to me. Candaire is part of a greater movement to empower people, challenge the status quo and raise the bar in Coffee Industry.